Adventure travel can be one of the most valuable investments a company can make. It is amazing to see life-changing moments, resulting in your employees returning back refreshed, creative and productive. Travel experiences are amplified when shared, employees will come back thinking bigger and more collaboratively.
According to a recent Gallup poll of US employees, a surprisingly small percentage feel truly engaged at work. This lack of engagement can result in low retention rates, less loyalty and reduced efficiency. There is great opportunity for companies to boost their productivity by investing in their employees’ welfare and workplace.

T3 Adventures, both here in Lake Tahoe and in cooperation with our overseas partners, offer the following key element in our corporate rewards travel program:

  • Go somewhere out of the ordinary so employees feel special. We sense a yearning among many people for a more authentic experience. Our hut-to-hut journeys allow more intimate and genuine contact with the local places and people.
  • Escape and disconnect. Be free from noise and distracting technology.
  • Confront nature – be challenged in activities that connect you to areas that are wild, vast and awe-inspiring.


Let one of our adventure travel experts assist you in creating a memorable adventure travel rewards program