Take what you know about traditional company retreat and reward programs and put them in the same place where you store the fax machine. At T3 Adventures, we create customized reward, incentive and retreat programs that energize, engage and motivate employees.

Rooted in the experiences of our high alpine adventures, our corporate programs draw upon an interaction with nature to boost creativity, reenergize the spirit and promote health and well-being.

Imagine conducting your next offsite team meeting beside a breathtaking mountain lake. Envision the creativity it could spark. What if your team could spend an afternoon on an exhilarating river rafting trip, later returning to a well-deserved dinner with an executive chef that provides insight into how to easily create your own exquisite meal?

“Happy, healthy, employees are 50% more productive in their work and personal lives.”
-Study by the Society for Human Resource Management

With attention to every detail, our adventures are designed for organizations of all sizes seeking to retain, motivate and rejuvenate their employees.

T3 Adventures corporate management staff has the expertise to bring your people together in an alpine environment. Whether you are looking for a mountain based conference or seminar or a corporate ski trip, we have the know-how to understand your event needs. We will assist with your planning from concept to completion with two clearly defined goals. First, we simplify the process for you to eliminate any stress, then we customize a memorable event with lasting every-day value. We can support your retreat agenda in various ways:

  • Design multi-sport off-site excursions to meet the shape and size of your organization. We can blend yoga and meditation with mountain bikes and hiking poles. Think forested trails, amazing vistas, not hotel room buffets.
  • Add to your existing program healthy outdoor wellness components. Nature is an unquestionable healer. There are countless ways we can use wilderness to regain health and establish inner balance, helping individuals find their true north.
  • Facilitation and management of all or part of your multi-day company retreat.

Using The Cedar House Sport Hotel as our base of operations, T3 Adventures will cater to not only fitness buffs and outdoor enthusiasts, but also to those seeking a few relaxing days in the remote corners of the Truckee-Lake Tahoe wilderness. For more information, contact

Patty Baird at

Let one of our corporate adventure experts assist you in creating your next off-site or wellness retreat