Dear Intrepid Explorer,

Our story began with a question – was the success of modern technology, while promoting unimaginable powerful connections, actually changing how we humans communicate and connect back to one another?

Technical connections differ from physical interaction – and whether it is through voice or touch, we convey intrinsically the human experience best through our shared journeys. While we all love the conveniences that modern life brings forth, in some instances, it has disengaged us from what we crave most – understanding ourselves and the natural world.

To address this, we created The Cedar House Sport Hotel, a place where people from different walks in life can come together to bond , engage, plus reenergize by exploring the awe and beauty of the Lake Tahoe region. The message of connection is felt throughout, from our architectural design, to our community dinners in our open hearth kitchen, however, we believe that balance to a world obscured by chatter and routine originates by spending and grounding oneself more in the great outdoors.

Welcome to T3 Adventures. The outdoor experiential arm to The Cedar House, committed to delivering exceptional alpine journeys and wilderness programs that shape long term positive change in both the adventure enthusiast and to the wild places we travel.

We believe that when you are able to escape temporarily from the place you spend most, your mind is suddenly made aware of all those wayward ideas we keep suppressed. Outdoor adventure and travel is the tonic of creativity and inspiration – when our brains are constrained by familiarity, it often trades imagination away for efficiency. The outdoors changes cognition, allowing you to see something new in the old. When you get home, while it may seem the same, something has changed in your mind, which in turn, transforms everything. Adventure and travel often shows us values and issues that we might ordinarily neglect, heightening our awareness, making us more receptive, but more importantly, it reminds us that our greatest moments come when we are not static, but moving and in places larger than ourselves.

We look forward to sharing our passion for adventure with you, both here in Tahoe and in some of the world’s most astonishing places.

In the words of John Steinbeck, “ People don’t take trips, trips take people”. Stay inspired!

Patty and Jeff Baird