T3 Adventures is dedicated to inspiring outdoor adventures and responsibly exploring nature’s wild places.

Part of that directive is rooted in the 7 core principles of the Leave No Trace Center for Wilderness Ethics that teach us how to minimize our impact on the wilderness.

As Leave No Trace Master Educators, we are launching the Take a Hike, Make a Difference campaign. This ongoing LNT awareness effort aims to help those who recreate in the greater Lake Tahoe and northern Sierra region always be conscious of picking up what others leave behind.

Spread the Word, Win Gear.

You can participate in 2 ways

Pick up a T3 Adventures Dirt Bag at the Cedar House Sport hotel, or in a participating local store (coming soon!) Dirt Bags are small, re-usable for several outings, washable, and smell-proof. They are the ideal size for safely holding orange peels, nut shells, and even the old socks people think belong in our mountains. (The bag’s clear side reminds us of just how much crud we can find on even a short hike.)

OR Use your own bag. Once you are registered with us, any bag used to pick up trash on the trails that is posted under #tahoedirtbag qualifies.

Every quarter, T3 Adventures will hold a drawing to give away some fun gear to anyone who Instagrams a picture of their “Dirt Bag” in use on any trail, body of water, or outdoor space. Oh, and use #tahoedirtbag.

How It Works

Register for the program, just once, on this page.

Pick up a T3 Adventures Dirt Bag at the Cedar House Sport Hotel in Truckee, or soon, in stores around town. OR Use your own “dirtbag”!

Then, go for a hike …

1. Put crud in your bag
2. Show it to us on Instagram, #Tahoedirtbag
3. Hopefully win some cool stuff
4. Repeat steps 1-3

It’s that simple!

Stuff that fits perfectly into a Tahoe Dirt Bag include,

• Orange peels
• Nut shells
• Sunflower seeds
• Soda/beer cans (crushed)
• Wrappers/paper
• Bottle tops
• Water bottles (crushed)
• General plastics
• You get the idea …