Our Wilderness First Responder course is held in conjunction with our partner Sierra Rescue and is designed with the outdoor professional and outdoor enthusiast in mind. It has become the industry standard for most guide services and environmental education programs.

It focuses on developing skills for treating problems outside the “ golden hour” of first response, under extreme conditions or forced to improvise. Our course includes lots of anatomy and physiology. It is based on the protocols set by the Wilderness Medical Society and instruction encourages the students ability to think through body systems in an effort to determine the best response to traumatic, environmental or medical situations.
Classroom sessions are followed with hands on practice to integrate the information in a field setting. 100% attendance is required and there will be a night scenario included. The students will get to see their skills in action as video coverage of intensive scenarios will be reviewed towards the end of the class.

A comprehensive written exam is also administered. The course includes AEHS adult, child and infant CPR certification.


Upon completion of the class you will be able to assess trauma and medical issues, provide emergency care based on your assessment, and make crucial evacuation decisions

All of our classes are taught by experiential based learning methods, therefore you will learn both in the classroom and in the outdoors regardless of the weather.


November 17th – 25th 2018


8am – 5pm


$675.00 per person


Some of the many skills student will be able to do:

• Understand basic Anatomy and Physiology
• Perform solid CPR and BLS skills
• Make an improvised splint
• Clean and manage wounds in the backcountry
• Know how to clear someone who has MOI for spinal injury
• Make an improvised splint
• Be able to package patients on both backboards and litters
• Understand allergic reactions and when and how to administer epinephrine
• Recognize serious trauma injuries
• Recognize serious environmental issues
• Recognize serious medical issues
• Make improvised litters and alternative carrying methods
• Triage and know how to handle mass casualty incidents

Cancellation Policy :

If you cancel/reschedule 30 days out, full refund.
If you cancel/reschedule between 30 and 14 days, 50% refund.
If you cancel less than 14 days before the course, no refund.

“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them”